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Receiver Extension - 18" with Step Plate

This feature lets you install a bike rack that will clear your mounted spare tire, or simply allow you to add an optional step plate for easy access around your trailer assembly.

It features a cast steel collar and corrosion-resistant black powder coating. 

Product Common Use: Bike Racks, Towing Clearance, Light-Duty Trailers

Details & Specs :

  • Receiver Size: 2.00 "
  • Receiver Adapter Converting To Size: 2.00 "
  • Protective Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Heavy Duty Carbon Steel
  • Mount Type: Receiver Extension
  • Maximum Vehicle Load (M.V.L.) 
    • Reduces Towing Capacity by 33% hitch capacity lb
  • Maximum Gross Trailer Weight (M.G.T.W.)
    • Reduces Towing Capacity by 33% Hitch Capacity by .333 lb
  • Mounting Hole Size - 0.656 " / 5/8"
  • Extension Length - 18.00" 
  • Lets you install a bike rack that clears your spare tire.
  • Provide more clearance between your vehicle and trailer.
  • Sturdy cast-steel collar.
  • Optional step plate version available.
  • Corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish.

The Hitch Receiver Extension from Buyers Products provides more clearance between your vehicle and your trailer. 

Important: A hitch extension will reduce your towing capacity by one-third.

AT# 18004017-Buyers

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