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7 Way Round Trailer Plug w/ 6 Ft Lead


·  6 Foot Premium trailer wire with RV Plug; 7 Way Copper Spade Connectors     molded into a heavy duty plug head
·  One cable end has the 7 Way Plug, and the other end has 7 color coated wires     (for you to hook up to the proper wires on your trailer)
·  Yellow, Green & Brown: 14 Gauge; Blue: 12 Gauge; White & Black: 10 Gauge
·  Wires are coated with a thick rubber-like insulation, offering kink-free flexibility   and Weather resistance
·  EPM 14/4-12/1-10/2 -55°C (-67°F) / 80°C (176 °F)
·  Designed with a MOLDED one piece plug end which gives it better weather             resistance; Special Wings on the molded plug provide excellent grip

AT# 2140