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Actuator Solenoid, Tie Down Engineering Reverse Flow Solenoid, Fits Tie Down & UFP Models


Reverse Flow "Lock Out" Solenoid #11286

The reverse flow solenoid controls the "Lock Out Valve" on specific Tie Down and UFP Actuators. When the vehicle is placed in reverse, this solenoid stops the flow of brake fluid to prevent the brakes from locking up. This allows you to back your trailer down the ramp with ease while maintaining proper fluid pressure and braking ability. The solenoid is activated when the vehicle is put in reverse, using power form reverse lights.

  • Actuator Solenoid
  • Prevents Brakes for Engaging While in Reverse 
  • Fits Tie Down Models 660, 700, 800, 80LP (Made after 09/01/2012)
  • Fits UFP Models A 60 / A 75 & A160 (Made after 09/01/2012)
  • Compatible with Drum Brake Systems
  • Requires 5 Way Connection or More
  • Activated by Reverse Light Electrical Connection
  • 3/4" Mounting Thread
  • Valve: XF-302B
  • Volts: 12VDC
  • Orifice: 1/32"
  • Part #: 11286
  • Watts: 10
  • MOPD: 800
AT# TDE11286