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Spare Tire Cable Lock, 36” x 12 mm -Trimax TRIMAFLEX

  • 36” x 12 mm TRIMAFLEX Spare Tire Cable Lock
  • 12 mm braided steel cable
  • O-ring keeps water, grime and dirt out of locking mechanism to ensure years of use
  • Protective rubber cap protects keyhole from water, grime and dirt
  • Type A spring loaded, 7 pin, Lock
  • Type A high security key
  • Knurling on lock head
  • Machined from 100% solid forged steel

        Trimax ST30 The only spare tire lock that secures both spare tire & tire bracket to welded frame member! Locks through wheel lug nut hole for maximum security. Ideal for securing to Jeeps, truck spare tires and vans. No internal springs to seize up or break. Triple plated chrome finish. Hardened steel. Knurling on lock head adds style and grip and is machined from 100% solid forged steel. Stainless steel internal components. TRIMAX makes the world's toughest locks. Through value added engineering design, TRIMAX is committed to product innovation that holds up to the highest quality standards. TRIMAX provides maximum security for marine, trailer and tow, RV, performance truck, power sports and bicycle applications. Tested. Tough. TRIMAX. TRIMAX offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products.


Part # ST30

AT# 1885